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Grey resin bound driveways

Grey resin bound driveways

Grey has long been a favoured colour in architecture and the range of available greys for both interior and exterior home design has never been larger. The trend of using grey as a primary colour has evolved as it provides the perfect neutral medium to allow a wide range of complementary colours to shine.

To provide you with the greatest freedom of choice, we offer a range of 16 subtly different greys, each using a blend of carefully selected natural aggregates, to satisfy your requirements. Many of our clients enjoy creating borders, patterns, and designs with contrasting shades, and we encourage you to visit our website for design ideas and to share your vision with us.

The fashion trend of using grey is also prevalent in driveways. It is noticeable that grey is becoming the colour of choice for garage doors, windows, roof tiles, paving, and even resin-bound stone. Advanced Resin Solutions has developed a range of 16 shades of grey, specifically to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Resin-bound stone consists of over 90% natural aggregates, plus resin and different additives. The aggregates are sourced from quarries all over the world and are thoroughly tested to ensure the best performance in resin-bound surfaces.

The price of a grey resin driveway varies a little depending on the provenance of the aggregates. However, our most popular colours are made with aggregates sourced in the UK and are therefore less expensive.

The advantages of a grey driveway include its looks, permeability, durability, fast installation, and eco-friendliness, to name a few. The only potential disadvantage is that very light grey shades may suffer more from tyre marks, which is expected on a driveway and can be cleaned. However, for those who aim for minimal maintenance, this could be seen as an advantage.

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