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Resin Bound Stone stars in “Ugly House to Lovely House” on Channel 4

Resin Bound Stone stars in “Ugly House to Lovely House” on Channel 4

On a road where the owners themselves described their property as “definitely the ugliest house in the street”, the team from Channel 4’s Ugly House to Lovely House  certainly had their work cut out for them. Their task was to transform this ’60s monstrosity into a home to fall in love with. As part of the project, we installed the resin bound stone driveway.

Wendy and Allan bought their two storey house two years before for £650,000. With a budget of £150,000 for the transformation, they were already at their first stumbling block.

Chris Dyson is an award –winning architect with a flair for turning unloved properties into exceptional homes. He produced an ambitious plan that would radically change the appearance of this Colchester house.

Built in 1962, they described the house as “looking like a block of flats”. They had to find more in the budget to turn the dream into reality. So the couple dug deep. Although compromises were made, they finally decided on a look that they liked. It included a spectacular double height gallery and an impressive centralised front entrance.

The couple put on hold their radical plans for the garden. But one thing they all agreed should remain was the new resin bound stone driveway, installed by Resin Driveways R Us. “It was an important feature of the overall aesthetic”.

Series presenter George Clarke was full of praise for our efforts and exclaimed at the ‘reveal’ :  “I love the driveway – brilliant!”

We would like to thank everyone who worked on the programme for making us so welcome and wish Wendy and Allan many happy years in their amazing new home.

If you are considering the many benefits of a resin bound stone driveway, patio or pathway and want to enjoy a low maintenance, long-lasting, self-draining, very attractive surface, available in a wide range of colours, please contact us for a free survey and a competitive quotation.

Resin Bound Stone Driveway installed in Colchester

Resin Bound Stone Driveway installed in Colchester

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